As a huge theatre nerd, I am at my best being on a stage. Part way through theatre school, I realized that my calling to the stage wasn’t to act, but to train others. Leading trainings for small and large groups is something that is truly my home. Using those theatre skills, I am able to create a space that feels personal and engaging, no matter what the size. Happy Factory is all about the personal touch: My trainings are always tailored to the group’s specific needs. In most recent job, I led sessions and workshops covering everything from conflict mediation, crisis management, diversity, group dynamics, communication, event planning, goal setting, mindfulness, and self care. I specialize in trainings related to Gallup’s Strengths Finder, Resiliency, and Positive Psychology topics including goal setting, mindfulness, meditation, mindset, and more.

Contact me to talk about the challenges your group might be facing, or a skill that you would like to build, and together we will create a training that will ignite that change you are looking for.