Life Coaching is not therapy. Nor as a coach will I tell you what to do. What I will do is help you get from where you are to where you want to be. I focus on the present, and help you discover the right path and action plan for yourself. It’s very much an interactive partnership. Sometimes clients know exactly the goals they want to work on, where others aren’t quite sure yet. Sometimes people just know that they are stuck. My coaching sessions are completely personal to where you are at. It’s all about you.

As a coach, I help individuals, executives, and organizations create positive changes, and see new possibilities. I will help you define the steps to achieve both short and long term goals with greater ease than would be possible otherwise. It’s a process that helps people create a more satisfying and fulfilled life. It’s about building skills where you can thrive with all of your emotions. To ignite change and build your happiness.

Happy Factory’s foundational practices are anchored in positive psychology.

  • I currently operate in a non-traditional office space: If you are in the Philadelphia area, I would love to get you a warm drink, and meet at your favorite coffee shop in Center City, or at a mutually agreed upon location.

  • Not in the Philly area: no worries! I am happy to connect with you wherever you live in the world online (video chat), or over the phone.

  • I offer competitive pricing and options depending on your needs and wants. I also offer Three, Six, or Ten Session Packages.

  • Please contact me for a complementary 20 minute session so we can both get to know a little more about each other. It’ll be fun and meaningful!

Mike is a certified Life Coach (CCF), as well as a Life Skills Group Coach (George Brown College). He is certified as a Positive Psychology Practitioner (CAPP, Flourishing Center, 2017), and as a Bounce Back Better (B3) Resiliency Trainer (Flourishing Center).


so What is positive PSYCHOLOGY?

Instead of the traditional support approach of “what’s wrong”, we ask “what’s right”. This doesn’t mean it’s only sunshine and rainbows, while ignoring the fullness of life’s challenges. The focus is to move people north of neutral, to enhance the positive, and to help people flourish. It aims to take a balanced psychology approach that encompasses the wholeness of the human experience.

Working alongside Mike has been instrumental to the development of my professional career. Mike has been a mentor, a coach, a friend, and most importantly an inspiration. I learnt so much about myself, as well as useful concepts and principles from my time with Mike. I applied my growth, and these new principles and concepts in October 2015 when I started my own dance and fitness studio. Three years later I am so grateful all the coaching that helped me build a thriving community at my studio.
— Joanne H, Owner of Redefine Fit, Toronto Ontario