When I’m traveling, I am my best self. I am in a constant position of growth. I am challenged, I am learning, I am defying and (re)defining myself with every new adventure. I want to help you find what that Happy Trails adventure is for you.

I was finding with any time off I had, I was hopping in the car, on a bus, on a plane, or on a ship to discover somewhere new. As a kid, we did a lot of road trips. My first solo trip was to London England. I was in my early 20s and I vividly remember that first moment stepping out of Waterloo Station. I looked out over the the city skyline and thought “This is incredible, I am here. I am so scared.” I took a deep breath, bought a ticket for a hop on hop off bus, and toured the afternoon away. What was a terrifying scenario turned into one of the best days of my life (so far). I found my footing that day, and since 2001, my feet haven’t stopped traveling.

It felt like it was time to help others (like you!) find their footing.

As incredible as traveling is, it can be overwhelming or confusing, even for the most experienced travelers. I am here to help you take that first vacation, that dream vacation, and everything in between.

I am currently specializing in cruising, New York City, and Philadelphia. I am a massive Disney fan, and always planning a new trip somewhere in the world. I am ready to help take you anywhere.

I am a certified vacation and cruise consultant through Expedia CruiseShipCenters.