Explore Your World The Happy Way


THere’s always an adventure to be found

I am a firm believer that traveling and exploring the world is the most valuable opportunity you can give yourself. This can be a broadway show in NYC, wandering the historic streets of Philadelphia, or maybe it’s more local, and looking at your own city in a new light.

Planning a trip can be overwhelming. There are so many options. I am here to help you navigate a stress free, personalized experience that fits your needs, your wallet, and your imagination.

I know that everyone’s needs, interests, and experiences are different. That is why Happy Factory only offers personalized, bespoke adventures.

Happy Trail Services that are offered include:

  • I Do The Planning, You Do The Traveling: I take care of the planning of itinerary, the booking of restaurants and rooms, all of those details beforehand. You take care of enjoying every moment. Before, during, and after, I will be there for remote support, and also to hear how amazing your adventure is going.

  • Travel with an Adventure Steward: Along with the planning of your personalized trip, you’ll have me in person as a steward to guide you on your way. I will accompany you in person for the duration of your adventure, to be a street guide, subway navigator, issue trouble shooter, and friendly story teller.

  • Join a Happy Trails Group: Sometimes you just want to join in on the fun! Happy Factory always has an upcoming something or other planned- maybe it’s a day trip to NYC, or a group booking on an Alaskan cruise. All you need to do is say yes, and the rest is taken care of. Groups typically range from 12-20 people.

  • Cruise Away: We specialize on land and at sea! Cruising is currently the fastest growing travel industry in the world (trust me- it’s amazing for all ages!), with over 15 cruise lines building new ships almost every year. I work under the Expedia CruiseShipCenters brand so I can offer you the best deals, the most up to date itineraries, and expertise you won't find anywhere else. As always, Happy Factory provides that bespoke service you’ll come to love from the moment you leave home, right through to the end of your cruise experience. Let’s sail away, and find you the cruise option that is best for you! Interested in learning more about cruising, or all inclusive vacations: click here!

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The whole day was really terrific! The trip was so well planned and organized it made getting to the city so easy and simple, especially for someone like me who does not know the city so well. I cannot say enough good things about the whole experience and will definitely be planning other NYC excursions!
— Sue D, Philadelphia PA