Nice to meet you.

My love for people, community, learning, travel, laughter, and adventure is the foundation of who I am. In 2016, I followed my partner from Toronto (we’re both Canadian eh!) to Philadelphia. For about three years, as the paperwork was processed, I was unable to work and took on the role of Trophy Husband. I experienced firsthand what it was like to be in a new country and a new community, while learning the value of everything else but work. I went back to school for Positive Psychology, found a new community, and discovered a deeper sense of self than the old busy me never made time for.

I carry a degree in dramatic arts, as well as certifications in group and one on one life coaching. I am a positive psychology practitioner, blogger, and vacation and cruise consultant. I am a husband, a son, a brother, a friend, and a father to my cat Peeta and dog Primrose. I am an avid theatre goer, movie watcher, animal lover, passionate photographer, and self identified Hufflepuff. I am hear to help you find your “what’s next”.

So travel, training, and Life Coaching

These are the three pillars of Happy Factory, all of which are life changing. We are all on a different journey, and I am here to help you identify what that is for you, and support you as you make that next step. Click on the tabs to learn more about my story, and how I can help you write your own next chapter.