Gypsies, Tramps, & Thieves Holiday Hoopla in NYC, Dec 2018

A group of 22 travelled from Philly to NYC at the most wonderful time of year- Christmas! Our group began as a mix of sisters, friends, and strangers, and as the day progressed, we became one happy family. After strolling by the famous Macy windows, we wandered our way up to the Rockefeller Plaza to see Santa skating, and the huge tree, freshly lit. A beautiful 3 course meal at the Fig & Olive was next on our wish list, followed by the main event: the brand new Broadway show, The Cher Show! What a great experience to ‘cher’ together! We laughed, and sang along from our seats, and we our hearts were filled with glitter. We ended the night with pizza and pasta at one of NYC’s oldest pizza joints, Angelo’s.

It was a perfect day. Everything was so well planned that all I had to do was enjoy the whole experience. The restaurants and food choices were amazing. And the show was great. Thank you so much.
— Aunt Mary, New Jersey