My first Happy Trails adventure was working with three Canadian ladies, traveling from different parts of Ontario, and wanting to come together for one memorable NYC weekend. Working together, we created a two night weekend that was a mix of tourist hot spots, unique vip experiences, off the radar, and historic restaurants. A few highlights include a guide tour of the 9/11 Memorial, going up the Rockefeller Center at sunset, and scoring tickets to The Book of Mormon (still one of the hottest shows on Broadway, selling to 103% just about every week!). One of my guests wanted to stop at a speak easy, which initially threw me off. I went to work and found out that NYC actually has a few modern iterations in operation! Although it was on the schedule to stop at one, we ran out of time this visit. However, we did dine at Frankie and Johnnie’s Steakhouse (which opened as a speakeasy in 1926!). And on our last morning we did work in a little visit to Tiffany’s.